Holiday Season Reminders!

What would the holidays be if they were all picture perfect? If all the stress of juggling year end reports and parent-teacher conferences were not enough, you now have to clean, cook a feast, and think of putting up with your in-laws! No, we are not offering you medication for that, but here are a few helpful tips:

  1. All home baked good freeze beautifully and keep for minimum of three months. Make your desserts now, and enlist the kids help, they will be very proud to take full credit.

  2. Stock up now on essential items both non perishable foods and toiletries that guests may need, so you don’t have to run out at odd hours to replace a toothbrush.

  3. Start your holiday shopping early and set a goal to finish before Black Friday because those savings are minimal when you compare to the stress of battling long lines and traffic.

Most importantly, to make this holiday season great you need to look and feel your best. Everyone wants to fit into their sexy black dress for the Holiday parties. It’s time to lose a few extra pounds that have been hanging around since the last set of parties. How should you do it? Exercise is a good thought and a must no matter what. Unfortunately, decreasing the number of calories you take in is the primary step and it is the real, unpleasant but necessary step. You can come in and see our dietitian, and can even consider weight loss medication. We have a strong integrated approach that is quite successful with almost everyone. It’s well worth passing up a few boring high calorie take out meals now and dream of those delicious upcoming holiday treats like Christmas cookies, eggnogs, and potato latkes instead. You can also think of rehabbing (lightening up) some of your family favorites by using less fat and sugar or coming up with new traditional treats you can have while wearing your skinny jeans.

Give yourself the gift of health by scheduling your Physical ASAP, because they are free for each calendar year. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Physicals are important because they can discover issues you didn’t know you had such as high blood pressure, thyroid problems, etc., and fixing those will allow you to start 2018 healthy!

Healthy Choices for October

Your health is important to us at DC Medical Care and we thought we would check in with a couple of tips to ensure you are healthy and happy this month.

With the Fall officially here, it is time to be aware of the inherent health risks of this time of year.  Therefore, October is the month to get your Flu Shot so you can be covered the entire Influenza season. You can come in with no appointment or copay, and most importantly, no waiting time because flu shots are administered by by the Nurse and billed through the insurance directly. This is an easy step to safeguard your health and the health of your loved ones.

October is also very close to the end of the year, so if you have not had a Physical this year you have wasted a lot of money on your monthly insurance premiums. A physical is meant to check up on your overall health, and setup your goals for next year. The yearly Physical is a must because anything we find we can correct before symptoms appear. That is the power of prevention and it is in your hands to make it happen.  Money should not be an excuse as IT IS ALWAYS FREE! (i.e. it’s covered by insurance 100% in almost all cases)

This year we have been blessed with warm weather late into the Fall season. That means sunny Sundays with your family, but also that Fall allergies may start later than usual. If you have symptoms not resolved with OTC Claritin or Zyrtec, please come in soon. Allergy medication takes approximately 2 weeks to relieve the symptoms so the earlier you start, the less discomfort you will endure.

July in NJ: Tick Alert!

July is the month to be outdoors, it's not as hot and humid as August, but more consistently sunny than June. We want everyone to be outside enjoying the sun (with sunscreen SPF 30 and above) and hiking, biking, or just gardening.

In New Jersey though, we have to be aware of ticks because Lyme Disease is a real possibility. Don’t get too worried though, not all ticks carry it and not all bites result in infection.

Here is an easy way to look at it:

At the end of the day, especially a day spent being active outdoors, check your whole body for a tick. I mean the WHOLE body. This summer, we found one hidden behind my 7 year old son’s ear just by the hairline! If you find one, you can extract it yourself by grasping it with a pair of tweezers and pulling up and out. Inspect that the mouthpiece is not left in the skin. Disinfect the wound with alcohol. Do not worry about saving the insect.  A Lyme carrying tick, as opposed to other ones, are very, very small.

You will need a blood test for a baseline to verify that you do not have antibodies to Lyme disease, and a second one about 6-7 weeks later. If the second test is negative it means that you have not been infected from that particular tick bite. If positive you will receive treatment before any actual disease develops. This approach works well and decreases the anxiety associated with a tick bite.

Enjoy the outdoors!!!